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Dermaplane – the power of rejuvenation.

Dermaplane – the power of rejuvenation.

Whether wanting to train or be treated in Derma plane, this process promises amazing results and is one of the latest beauty procedures used by Cosmetic Couture.  

To begin with – The benefits

When done safely, the popular treatment of dermaplaning has amazing, instantly recognisable, rejuvenation qualities. This occurs by displacing the top layer of dead skin cells that has yet to flake off as well as removing fine vellus hair- a type of hair that covers most of the human body – leaving skin smooth, flexible and glowing.  These great results occur when fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and when scar tissue is merged due to accident or acne.

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(Derma plane procedure)

How it is done – it’s all in the angle!

The process of professional Derma plane is extremely safe and consists of a regulated sheering action whilst the skin of the face is taught, using a surgical sterile steel scalpel. More so, this action is done at a controlled 45-degree angle, making it the perfect position to remove keratinized skin cells at the epidermis and unwanted hair.

How it’s done – combination treatments exclusive to Cosmetic Couture

Derma plane PRP Therapy® – A luxury treat for the skin

A combination treatment exclusive to Cosmetic Couture where PRP therapy is used after dermaplaning.  In this, blood is taken from the client and platelet rich plasma is used on the face to encourage skin re – growth and rejuvenation.   As well as this, a micro – needle stamp can be used making the treatment even quicker and more effective! This is done by introducing the plasma to the dermis of the skin, producing great results even with a minimal 1.00 mm stamp.



(The quick and effective use of a Derma – stamp)

Derma Plane PRP Therapy® with Cryoglobes – The complimentary, youthful, frozen applicator

To create an even more youthful appearance, Cyroglobes are used in the form of an invigorating massage using freezing temperatures and occurs around 15 minutes after PRP has finished its first cycle of ‘drying’ or clotting on the skin. By massaging with this tool, the microcirculation of blood restarts – encouraging cellular activity and rejuvenation that natural occurs because of blood healing qualities.  But why use freezing temperature?  The cold temperature is brought into contact with the face causing natural therapeutic vasoconstriction and vasodilation in the tissue of the skin resulting in the tightening of pores, smoothed wrinkles and calmed redness. This process is like that of temperature therapy used to assist in the healing of injuries.



Cryoglobes – assisting in the tightening of pores and reducing redness)

After reading the following, a few questions and pre- conceptions may be on your mind, of which, the most common have been answered;

1) Will the hair removed by Derma plane come back with a vengeance?
Not at all! Contrary to common belief, hair regrowth and quality is not effected by the removal, meaning that after the procedure, the vellus hair on the face will not thicken.

2) Am I suitable for the Derma plane or combination PRP treatment?
Most people are eligible for either treatments, and it’s not just one for the girls! However, there are a few circumstances where the process is not advised. This includes those with active skin conditions, such as acne, as well as people who have blood conditions including issues with blood clotting. Other circumstances where the client would not benefit from treatment includes those with diabetes that is unchecked or not in abeyance.  As well as this, it is not advised for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

3) Who benefits the most from the treatment
Almost every skin type will benefit from the rejuvenating effects of Derma plane PRP. More so, this treatment is ideally suited to those who wish for a more youthful appearance without the need for more intrusive procedures.

Derma plane training as well as Derma plane PRP Therapy® is available at Cosmetic Couture for Advanced Beauty Therapists. If interested in perfecting this rejuvenating technique, please contact our Course Coordinator on 0161 832 3236.

Derma plane – the power of rejuvenation.