Welcome To Cosmetic Couture - About Us and Who We Are


Cosmetic Couture is one of the largest and most successful aesthetic training academies in the UK. We are also one of the most popular centres for a wide range of aesthetic treatments, skin rejuvenation, micro-needling, microblading and other beauty procedures.

We have been training medics and non-medics and treating celebrities and our loyal clients since 2012 and continue to be one of the most sought-after academies for people wanting to get into aesthetics or learn more skills or create some of our famous exclusive styles.

We have always been at the cutting edge of aesthetics and that will never change. We have pioneered work with insurance companies to make sure all students are covered and can practice safely. We have created new and exciting progression frameworks to help get you into aesthetics. We have developed first aid and adverse effects courses run by experts to keep you and your clients safe. We have developed and launched styles that have become internet sensations and salon success stories.

We are bold and brave and famous trend-setters in aesthetics. We’ve got more than 100,000 followers across social media and our videos and news get thousands of shares, likes and comments. That’s because people look to us for inspiration and knowledge.


We are a dedicated team of teachers and practitioners led by our inspirational CEO Maxine Hopley. We are doctors and nurses, prescribers and teachers with more than 100 years of experience in aesthetics and beauty treatments. We are skilled and experienced and have been offering treatments and teaching since 2012 at our Manchester centre.

We are Maxine, Sharron, Cathy, Penny, Sara, Rachel, Debbie, Tanielle, Shannon, Marc, Megan, Kara, Kate, Amanda, Cody, Jemma, Michelle and Pete