Canula can be used in aesthetic treatments as a method of injecting dermal filler into a client’s face.

The cannula method holds several advantages over needles. It is more flexible and creates less bruising and swelling and more than 1 ml of product can be added at a time through the same injection point. This is why it’s useful for treatments such as cheeks and jaw, where clients may need a little more product adding in order to create the desired contoured look favoured by many.

Half a day

Theoretical Components:

  • Treatment areas
  • Side effects
  • Use of cannula
  • Anatomy of cannula
  • Complications
  • Injection techniques specific to cannula

Practical Components:

  • Client consultation
  • Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects
  • Managing expectations
  • Injection techniques
  • Live models

Foundation Dermal fillers course

The Cost of the Course – £1500.00 inclusive of VAT


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