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Beauty & Aesthetics Training

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Why choose dermal filler?

Confidence is key – an aspect which both personal and professional life is moulded by. Appearance can also affect confidence massively, and to feel you are putting your best forward, looking and feeling your best, dermal fillers could be the solution.

Cannulas vs. Needles

In this paper I would like to explore the contrasting experiences of using blunt tip cannulas and needles to inject fillers. This is prior to documenting further exploration in this area to make a more comprehensive study available later this year.

Celebrity Visits

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Dermaplane – the power of rejuvenation.

Whether wanting to train or be treated in Derma plane, this process promises amazing results and is one of the latest beauty procedures used by Cosmetic Couture.

JCCP – Whats New

Professor David Sines was appointed as interim chair of the voluntary, independent body to establish the organisation. He explains, “The purpose of the JCCP is to provide public protection with non-surgical cosmetic procedures, through establishing standards that will underpin registration of accredited professional providers.”

CPD at Cosmetic Couture

Here at Cosmetic Couture, we continue to help our students through Continued Professional Development – even after course completion! Once completing a course, our students become part of the ARA. (Association of Registered Aestheticians)