Traditional Lip Enhancements Q&A

Traditional Lip Enhancements Q&A Injectable lip filler enhancements are one of the most popular treatments in the aesthetics industry. With celebrities and influencers opting for lip fillers to achieve their A-list look, this is a trend that isn’t going away any...

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Sunekos – Q&A

Sunekos Skin Rejuvenation Q&A From sagging to wrinkles, the effects of aging are easy to reverse with the Sunekos injectable skin rejuvenation treatment. A quick, easy and non-surgical way to restore skin to its youthful vibrancy and volume. Read on to discover...

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Sculptra – Q&A

Sculptra Q&A As the skin ages it loses its natural elasticity making it prone to wrinkles and sagginess. As fat and collagen deposits also begin to deplete, this adds to the effects of aging making your face appear sunken and hollow. Sculptra is a wonderful...

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Brazilian Butt Lift_ Bum Fillers Q&A Blog Post

Brazilian Butt Lift/ Bum Fillers Q&A Blog Post  The Brazilian butt (or bum) lift is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the aesthetics market. Get the bikini bottom you’ve always dreamed of with this painless procedure that will give you long...

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Cheek Fillers Q&A Blog Post

Cheek Fillers Q&A Blog Post A common sign of aging is a loss in facial volume, especially in areas such as the cheeks. Dermal fillers can be added to the cheeks to restore volume and skin elasticity, returning your youthful looks and confidence. Some patients may...

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Cleavage Contouring Q&A Blog Post

Cleavage Contouring Q&A Cleavage contouring is a non-surgical breast enhancement treatment also known as the ‘lunchtime boob job’. It makes breasts look more perky and plump in as little as 45 minutes using carefully placed dermal fillers.   With very little...

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Cog Thread Treatments Q&A

Cog Thread Treatments Q&A What are Cog Threads? PDO or COG threads are tiny, barbed threads made from Polydioxanone (PDO). A medical grade thread that is thinner than hair, PDO Cog threads are used in a variety of non-surgical lifting treatments.  How do COG...

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Contouring Facial Fillers Q&A

Contouring Facial Fillers Q&A Sometimes known as the liquid facelift, dermal fillers are used to refresh and restore your face for a plump, more youthful look. Targeting the cheeks, jaw, and chin hyaluronic acid fillers have long-lasting effects that rejuvenate...

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Fat Dissolve injections – Q&A

Fat Dissolve injections Injection lipolysis, or fat dissolving injections as it is more commonly known, is a minimally invasive treatment that helps reduce body fat in specifically targeted areas. It works to sculpt your body and target pockets of fat that can’t be...

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Jaw & Chin Fillers – Q&A

Jaw & Chin Fillers Instantly contour and define your jawline with chin and jaw dermal fillers. Suitable for both men and women, this treatment provides immediate and noticeable results. Whether you want a more defined chin, to reduce the signs of aging, or a...

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Profhilo – Q&A

Profhilo Treatment - Q&A blog post Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin and reduce the effects of aging? Profhilo is a non-surgical, injectable treatment that reduces sagginess, wrinkles, and restores skin to a youthful glow. What is Profhilo?...

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Russian Lip – Q&A

Full Face Russian Contouring Course Who is this course for? An exciting new treatment guaranteed to give your clients the facial contours and balance they’ve been dreaming about. The Full Face Russian Contouring course focuses on sculpting the lips, chin, and cheeks....

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sky’s the limit for attacks on aesthetics industry

Sky’s the Limit for Attacks on Aesthetics Industry Just a couple of weeks ago I was forced to write a blog telling the industry not to panic after a BBC report about a non-medic botching a treatment. And now Sky are at it!! And I say again: “Don’t Panic”. Sky News...

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