Since opening Maxine Hopley CEO and Founder of Cosmetic Couture has built an array of commercial and industry partnership, with one goal in kind.


That goal being an regulated, safe and accountable Industry for all aesthetics practitioners, an industry where Maxine has created opportunities , pioneered new treatments along with building a business which is one of the largest Aesthetics Training Academy in the country during this time.


A focused vision which shows no sign of stopping even in the face of one of the most testing times this country has ever faced, Maxine has continued to advise and inform practitioners within the industry with a number of podcasts which have received high praise for their simple straight forward topics.


In addition, Maxine along side Cosmetic Couture fully re-opens Hope Medical and Maxsthetica, so 2020-21 looks like another busy year for Maxine and her team.


So this feature is to show all the commercial and industry partners Maxine has worked with over the years and helped get us where we are today and where we want to be in the future.