Press Release – Issued Wednesday April 10

ITV’s – Medic v Non-Medics Debate Continues

We are aware that on ITV’s This Morning calls have once again been made for changes in the law that would restrict non-medics administering injectable treatments.

Cosmetic Couture is at the forefront of the national debate about injectables in the aesthetics industry fighting for our rights.

CEO Maxine Hopley has repeatedly called for higher standards, better professionalism but fighting for the right of beauticians to be able to perform perfectly legal procedures like Anti-wrinkle procedures and dermal fillers

Maxine defends the rights of properly trained non-medics to be able to practice – but also calls on stricter controls of the insurance industry and proper national standards of training and regulation.

Just this week on the Kyle Files Maxine went to-to-toe with Jeremy on these issues.

At the end of a day filming Jeremy Kyle said: “You cant fail to be impressed by what Maxine showed us at Cosmetic Couture.”

Cosmetic Couture continues to attempt to gain national recognition for best practice with regards to training, education and regulation and is a founder member of the national JCCP Beauty Aesthetics Special Interest Committee.

In a major new development to help safeguard the public and set new world beating standards in the beauty and aesthetics industry, Cosmetic Couture is helping nationwide guidelines to be drawn up for non-medics on everything from requirements at premises to customer contracts, formal complaints procedures, and required levels of first-aid training.

Maxine said: “I will continue to fight and argue that properly trained, regulated aesthetic practitioners do not have to be medics. We are specialists and professionals in our own right. I run adverse effects courses with doctors and train doctors and nurses. The question is does the government have the systems, procedures and funding in place to help us regulate our industry so the best non-medics can continue to practice what are usually extremely safe and successful procedures.”