The course will focus on teaching the best techniques to get excellent results from this new and popular treatment. The substances used in IVNT are vitamins, minerals and water – all of which are classified as essential nutrients. By balancing our levels through IV infusions our bodies can be restored to peak and maximum energy performance.

One day plus approximately 50 hours pre-study


  • How each vitamin and mineral works with the body
  • Ameno acids
  • Advantages of treatment
  • Risks and side effects
  • Client suitability
  • Needle insertion techniques
  • Aftercare


  • Client consultation
  • Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects
  • Managing expectations
  • Injection techniques
  • Infusion ratio
  • Live models

Six-month phlobotomy experience

The cost of this Course is – £2,000.00 inclusive of VAT



 The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain (Known as the ACPB) has been created as a not-for-profit organisation to help support aesthetic practitioners across the UK.

The ACPB welcome professionals from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, with a code of conduct which helps inspire public safety and maintain professional industry standards by having full accreditation and insurance assurances.