Level 5-7 Skin Rejuvenation in Aesthetic Medicine meets the requirements set within the HEE and CPSA guidelines. Level is varied in accordance with these guidelines and access to higher levels requires the successful completion of those levels beneath. It has been designed to develop candidate knowledge and competence within the field of skin rejuvenation.

This scheme is part of a suite of schemes specifically being developed to international standards.


At Level 6 certificate holders will develop the knowledge and competence required to deliver:


  • Facial Microneedling (1.0- 1.5mm)
  • Non-Facial Microneedling (1.5- 2.0mm)
  • Grenz Depth Chemical Peels
  • Mesotherapy (with/ without a non-pharmaceutical topical agent)


  • Principles of Facial Microneedling (1.0- 1.5mm)
  • Practice of Facial Microneedling (1.0- 1.5mm)
  • Principles of Non-Facial Microneedling (1.5- 2.0mm)
  • Practice of Non-Facial Microneedling (1.5- 2.0mm)
  • Principles of Grenz Depth Chemical Peels
  • Practice of Grenz Depth Chemical Peels
  • Principles of Mesotherapy with/ without a Non-Pharmaceutical Topical Agent
  • Practice of Mesotherapy with/ without a Non-Pharmaceutical Topical Agent


Successful completion of the Level 5 component of the scheme


Competency logbook (Course assessment)

  • 18 Practical case studies in class (Each a maximum of one hour)
  • Three x 60-minute invigilated multiple-choice exams with 75% pass mark
  • Estimated course time: Eight weeks – with Max of 5 days at Cosmetic Couture (To complete 18 practical case studies and exam)


Course Cost: £3,500.00