Aesthetic Awards – but not for non-medics


As we approach the end of the year its time to start thinking about how great the year has been. Pete Richardson looks at the how the major awards for the aesthetics industry exclude non-medics


At the end of every year a whole host of awards ceremonies hove into view – from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year (Ben Stokes I presume) to the OSCAR nominations and of course in our industry, The Aesthetic Awards.

A glittering ceremony will be held on December 7 in a swanky London hotel to honour those who have achieved greatness in aesthetics – as long as they are medics.

Around 800 guests are expected to gather to reward “practitioners, companies and organisations that endorse best practice, deliver outstanding customer service, demonstrate unprecedented skill and who uphold robust ethics” – as long as they are medics.

Why is this?

When there are scores and scores of highly skilled aesthetic practitioners delivering outstanding customer service, demonstrating unprecedented skill and upholding robust ethics who are not medically trained.

It’s because non-medics offering injectable procedures are not eligible to enter the Aesthetics Awards, in line with the guidance provided by the Aesthetics Clinical Advisory Board.

The Aesthetics Team and Advisory Board have kindly provided this statement with their standpoint:

“The Clinical Advisory Board provides guidance to Aesthetics and it is a firmly held view of the Board that the practice of aesthetics (particularly administration of botulinum toxin, dermal filler and threads) should be rooted in the basis of clinical medical practice. As such, our view is that in order to maintain safety of the public and to maintain standards, this sector of medicine falls under the remit of those who are regulated by a statutory body. The Board and its individual members are all actively involved in raising standards with a view in the long term to develop aesthetics into a recognised medical sub-specialty to further enhance public safety. In keeping with this ethos, we feel that the Aesthetics Awards represent another avenue in recognising medical practitioners who are demonstrating their clinical abilities in raising standards and providing a safe and professional service to the public”. Aesthetics Media Team and Clinical Advisory Board

It goes to the root of the debate currently at the heart of the industry.

Botox and fillers, medical v non-medical.

Whatever your view it seems that Aesthetics Awards have missed a trick.

Maybe with a special category rewarding the very best of non-medical practice they could be seen to be supporting public health and safety and showing that there is room for the highest standards of non-medical aesthetics.

So, as it’s coming up to awards time here are some ideas for The 2019 Non-Medic Aesthetic Awards in very special categories:

Award for 2019 Decision of the Year could go to…….. HMRC.

Recently the taxman decided that the they were not convinced that “principal purpose” of the “injectable treatments” was to “protect, restore or maintain” health, rather than “for cosmetic reasons”.

Non-Medic supporter of the Year maybe for Dr Michael Aicken for his defence of non-medics.

He said: “Excluding one or more groups from such regulation can only undermine patient safety and cannot be justified with the logical fallacy that certain groups are ‘not well enough trained already to be trained now’. There are bad practitioners in aesthetics on both sides of the fence and we need to have a robust system to deal with these practitioners, medic or non-medic, swiftly and in a manner that enhances public confidence in our profession”.

And maybe the award for Fight-back Pharmacist of the Year could go to Wigmore Medical.

Wigmore responded to claims Azzalure was available as normal by its manufacturer as follows: “Contrary to Galderma’s public statement, Wigmore Medical is not presently in a position to be able to supply Azzalure, as we have not been supplied the product from Galderma since 13 June 2019. Further, Wigmore Medical has not received its April and June orders of Azzalure in full and does not have any remaining Azzalure purchased from Galderma in stock”.

All nominations for 2020 would be gratefully received.

The Aesthetics Awards is run by Aesthetics Media Ltd, as part of Easyfairs.