Skin rejuvenation, for those that did not already know, is an umbrella term for the various ways in which people can recapture the looks of their youth, via artificial methods. The beauty industry is one that has seen much investment and research conducted in recent years, to make it more affordable, as well as safer and more productive. Countless individuals are now beginning to see this as a viable career path, hence why they look to attend training courses. The team here at Cosmetic Couture are more than happy to provide you with an outline of the most popular skin rejuvenation sessions currently available.

Profhilo Injectables

Anyone that keeps up-to-date with the world of cosmetic enhancement will recognise that treatments involving Profhilo are becoming increasingly popular. In essence, this is a procedure which utilises a substance containing hyaluronic acid – this occurs naturally within the body, yet becomes less frequent as a person gets older. This manual top-up is able to stimulate fresh production, which can bring about a plethora of rewards and benefits. These include, but are certainly not limited to, a drastic reduction of wrinkles, and the revitalisation of the skin’s tone. It is certainly no wonder as to why this is such a popular aesthetic training course.


If someone is looking for a way in which to seemingly glow in front of their peers, the likelihood is that they will wish to undergo dermaplaning. A relatively simple procedure which can be conducted using just a steel scalpel, the basic method by no means reflects the type of result that can be subsequently enjoyed. By eliminating the outer layer of skin, you are able to rid yourself of any unwanted hair that may be adorning the face. For the following four weeks, the individual will be able to appreciate skin that is blemish-free.


In terms of modern methods, it is hard to look past cryotherapy as the most innovative treatment currently available on the market. Whilst the procedures themselves are extremely quick, the results are nonetheless extraordinary. The people that typically seek to book themselves in for this type of treatment are those suffering from a breakout of warts, or simply have an unsightly skin tag that they would like to have removed. It is important that this treatment is only performed by licensed and experienced aesthetic practitioners.


In times gone by, acupuncture was considered to be one of the finest ways in which to relieve someone of the tension and stress that they were carrying within the skin. However, times have changed, and so too have the treatments that are available. In essence, microneedling is the natural successor to acupuncture. This high-quality procedure utilises a cluster of minute needles to pierce the skin in a multitude of locations; this can subsequently provoke collagen production, thus improving the quality of the skin in a smooth-and-seamless manner.

Cosmetic Couture – A Brief Introduction

Should you have been trying to find a clinic that practices medical aesthetics, is able to facilitate an array of injectable treatments, and is qualified to share its wisdom with you, the only name that should come to mind is that of Cosmetic Couture. The clinicians that we have here have all undergone extensive training, meaning that they are well-placed to tutor you in the way of cosmetic enhancement. Whether you want to understand the various injection techniques used, or simply wish to undergo dermal filler training, they will not let you down. If you wish to sign-up to one of our courses, simply use the contact information on our website to speak to one of our customer service representatives.