Maxsthetica International Limited, a pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), has shockingly been banned from attending a public aesthetic show in Manchester – because it also sells products to non-medics.

A representative from Aesthetic Medicine North told Maxsthetica this morning (Tuesday August 31) that the ban was being enforced despite Maxsthetica having fully paid and been accepted last week to exhibit on stand A5 at the show in Manchester.

The shock news of the ban comes despite the fact that Maxsthetica International Limited abides by all the rules and regulations surrounding the supply of prescription only medication AND spent months proving to the GPhC that’s its safeguards for sales of dermal fillers were some of the strictest in the country including requiring all purchasers to fill in forms proving they have access to prescribers and full clinical oversight – even though this is a not a legal requirement.

Maxsthetica International Limited director Maxine McCarthy has today blasted the decision as a an utterly disgraceful personal attack on her and discriminatory.

She said: “How can it be right that we are a fully registered and compliant pharmacy, and we are banned?

“There will be loads of companies exhibiting who don’t sell products exclusively to medics. Would they ban Boots or Superdrug if they wanted a stand? No, they would not.

“This is nonsense and I think goes to show the true colours of those running the medical side of the aesthetics industry. They want to ban non-medics and want all the business for themselves – they are just greedy and without principle.

“If I wasn’t the director, would they still have banned a legitimate pharmacy?”

Aesthetic Medicine North sells itself as “The North’s leading trade show for medical professionals.”

Maxsthetica International Limited is run by a medical professional – registered pharmacist Sara Conservi.

Maxine said: “By banning the company, Aesthetic Medicine North is discriminating against Sara and her legitimate right to run the business which she is registered to lead. This cannot be fair. This is tantamount to a restrictive practice.

“Not only that, we have spent a considerable amount of time and money on our pre-show activity.”

Maxsthetica International has asked Aesthetic Medicine North for a full explanation.

The request for full comments reads as follows:

“You will be aware that today, Tuesday August 31, 2021, your company has cancelled the booking for Maxsthetica International Limited on rather staggering grounds and banned them from exhibiting.

“Maxsthetica and its sister companies intend to publicise this fact and would value your comments for inclusion in the various articles and broadcasts being scheduled for the next couple of days.

“Please could you comment as soon as possible on the following:

“1. You have cancelled the booking on the grounds that the pharmacy sells to non-medics (as indeed do all pharmacies).  Please confirm.

“2. You have cancelled the booking (as stated in a telephone conversation today) because “other exhibitors threatened to cancel” because the pharmacy is owned by Maxine McCarthy. Please confirm.

“We would also like comments on the following if you would be so kind:

“1. Are all companies which register for Aesthetic Medicine North Live required to prove they exclusively trade with medical professionals or associated medical professionals?

“2. Why did you accept the paid booking on August 25 and only today (Tuesday August 31) banned Maxsthetica International Limited from attending?

“3. Please explain what has the fact that Maxine McCarthy is a director of a publicly listed pharmacy, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, got to do with the attendance of that company at the show?”

Despite the ban, Maxsthetica International Limited is still listed as an exhibitor on the official show website for stand A5.