For those of you that did not already know, dermal fillers are one of the most prominent types of treatment facilitated by aesthetic beauty clinics. Most notably used on a person’s face, they can bring about spectacular transformations on almost all parts of the body. In terms of longevity, those who undergo these sorts of procedures are often able to enjoy the results for up to eighteen months. Here at Cosmetic Couture, we have amassed vast experience in the art of conducting treatments related to dermal fillers – it is for this reason that we are in a prime position to educate you on the most popular ways in which these substances are used.

Buttock Enhancement

Although this is a little bit of a more obscure application of dermal fillers, the fact of the matter is that buttock enhancement is a viable and fantastic new aesthetic procedure. This injectable treatment can be used in a variety of ways – some look to bring more definition to their posterior, whilst others simply want to create a more pleasing shape. It is completely up to you and what look you would like to achieve.

Jawline Enhancement

No matter what gender you are, having a defined and clear jawline is something which is highly desirable. It is for this reason that many individuals seek out dermal fillers as a way in which to make this a reality. The contouring effect which can be brought about is certainly pleasing to the eye. Not only this, but the smoothing of the skin is a fantastic way in which to lift the jowls, and conceal fat that may have built up there over the years. Those who have operated as aesthetic practitioners for many years will testify that this is one of the most popular uses of dermal fillers.

Lip Enhancement

Over the past decade, a clear beauty trend has been popularized by high-profile celebrities; having lips which are extremely full and well-shaped has become something to aspire to. It is for this reason that lip enhancements have become extremely sought after. This is a procedure which is safe and effective – the injection technique ensures that the effects are localised, meaning that side-effects are kept to a minimum. Whilst the argument as to whether Botox or dermal fillers are better, what cannot be denied is the long-term benefits that can be enjoyed when dermal fillers are used.

Tear Troughs

As you get older, you will likely begin to notice that you begin to develop darker shades of skin beneath the eyes; these are tear troughs, and whilst they are not harmful, they do have a profound effect on a person’s appearance. Those who are afflicted typically seek out treatment, in the form of dermal fillers. These can ensure that the skin is able to recapture its previous colour, thus rolling back the years somewhat.

Who Are We?

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