Using dermal filler to treat temple hollows and buccal hollows

As we age the structure of our face changes due to the loss of fat, muscle, and skin elasticity. These changes cause hollows in the cheeks and temples to deepen, making the face look much older and even gaunt if they become very exaggerated.

If you’re struggling with a loss of facial volume and want to revitalise and restore your features dermal fillers are the answer you’ve been searching for.  At Cosmetic Couture, we’ve been helping our clients regain their confidence with dermal filler treatments since 2012. Book in for a consultation with our aestheticians today to see how we can help you!

Dermal fillers, like those made by Secret Rose, Juvederm, and Restylane are used in a variety of treatments including lip enhancement and restoring lost facial volume.

Discover the ways in which dermal fillers can even out you your temple and buccal hollows below.

What does treatment for Temple Hollows Involve?

To understand how temple hollows can be treated with dermal fillers, we first need to look at what they are and what causes them.

What are temple hollows?

When we talk about temple hollows, we’re referring to the hollow on the temple that becomes deeper as we age. The noticeable deterioration of these hollows is due to changes in fat volume, skeletal structure, and the shrinking of muscle and connective tissues under the skin.

The hollowing of the temples usually starts around the late 20s and becomes more pronounced as we enter our 40s. Temple hollows give a gaunt, skeletal appearance associated with growing older. They’re also more noticeable in those who are very lean and those who do a lot of cardiovascular exercise.

How can you treat the temple hollows?

Treating temple hollows is simple with the right dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Secret Rose, or Restylane.

Small amounts of the temporary fillers are injected into each side of the face – typically around 1-2mls per side. The filler is administered using a very fine needle and gently massaged once it’s in place. This gives instant and visible results with a full recovery expected in just 2-3 days.

It’s usually a pain-free treatment but numbing cream can be applied beforehand if required. Afterwards ice is used to reduce swelling and aid healing.

How long does a temple hollow treatment last?

Although results vary from patient to patient, a typical temple hollow treatment will hold results for up to a year with the right aftercare. Due to the temporary nature of the dermal fillers, we recommend top-up treatments every 6 months to keep the enhanced shape of the face.

What does a Buccal Hollow Treatment Involve?

Like temple hollows, buccal hollows are areas of the face that become more pronounced as we age. Again, like temple hollows these areas can be successfully restored using dermal fillers to give rounder cheeks and fill out any lines and wrinkles.

What are buccal hollows?

The buccal area is the area of the cheeks just under the cheek bone (if you suck in your cheeks, it is the skin that gets pulled inwards). The older we get, the more fat we lose from this area creating a hollowed cheek which can age you considerably.

How can you treat buccal hollows?

The key to treating buccal hollows and creating a more youthful appearance is to restore volume to this area. Using products like the Secret Rose Dermal fillers, this pain-free treatment gives instant and noticeable results.

The treatment takes just one hour to perform, with recovery expected in 48-72 hours including the disappearance of swelling. The treatment requires no incisions, instead the dermal fillers is injected using a fine needle and then massaged throughout the area for an even result.

How long does a buccal hollow treatment last?

A buccal hollow treatment can last for up to years with the right aftercare. As we use temporary fillers that naturally biodegrade in the body, we recommend top-up treatments every 6 months to retain the shape of the cheeks.

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your facial features and feel ten years younger book your dermal filler consultation with us today. We promise you won’t be disappointed!