If you were to conduct a survey amongst practitioners within the beauty industry, in regards to what is the most up-and-coming type of treatment, the results would undoubtedly come back in overwhelming favour of those which incorporate hyaluronic acid. Although relatively new, the way in which it is already being revered demonstrates the sheer quality of the substance. Here at Cosmetic Couture, we are privileged to be able to impart some wisdom to our clients about the way in which it works, as well as what to be aware of prior to making a booking. You can learn more about our thoughts on the matter below.

What is Hyaluronic Acid

A little known fact about hyaluronic acid is that it is not a man-made substance – far from it. Although you may not realise it, this is a chemical which can be found within the human body; it is a naturally occurring element which can be found, in abundance, within the upper layers of skin tissue. It has countless properties, but most-noticeable is its ability to hold an abundance of water, as well as draw-in moisture from the outside environment. It is not difficult to see why, then, it has found a home within the world of beauty treatments.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Work?

There are various application methods associated with this compound. Some clinics believe that injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin can produce the best results; others are of the opinion that the pressure from the pen is enough to begin collagen stimulation. Whichever method you undergo, you can expect a slight amount of bruising and swelling. However, this should not discourage you – it just means that the hyaluronic acid mixture is being absorbed into your system.

Where Can it be Applied?

One of the major selling points relating to hyaluronic acid is the numerous areas that it can be applied. Typically, it will be in the facial regions, as this is where results are more prominent and can be admired easily. With these types of procedures, fine lines will quickly become a thing of the past. Those of you that are wanting to relive your younger days, and achieve a complexion that is the envy of all of those that behold it, the wisest move would be to invest in a procedure that relies heavily on hyaluronic acid.

How Long do the Results Last?

More often than not, beauty treatments are criticised due to the short-lived results – as you can expect, unless you have seemingly-unlimited funds, there is little chance that you would be willing to spend on a procedure which produces results that fade within a couple of months. These types of issues are not present when hyaluronic acid is involved. Thanks to the way that it binds with water within the skin, there will be discernible difference for up to a year – whilst you do have the option of follow-up appointments, they are not necessarily essential.

Cosmetic Couture – the Company for you

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