New Human Face Dissection Course for Aesthetic Practitioners

AWARD-WINNING aesthetic training academy Cosmetic Couture is offering a specialist human face dissection course for experienced aesthetic practitioners – available to both medics and non-medics.

It’s five years since the headlines across national newspapers screamed “OUTRAGE” and “SHOCK” when Maxine McCarthy, CEO of Manchester-based Cosmetic Couture, organised for students to attend a similar course held at Newcastle University.

Now Maxine is organising another specialist training session to: “once again help improve safety and standards in the industry”.

In the description notes it states the course is: “A specialist human head dissection course to study the topographical anatomy, functional anatomy and clinical anatomy of the head and neck region by performing detailed dissection on a human head.

“In particular there will be a focus on the superficial musculature of the face, its vascularization and innervation.

“The aim of the course is to give participants a much greater understanding of the structure of the face and neck to help prevent adverse effects by giving participants a full anatomical insight into a real head and neck.”

The course will be hosted at a specialist facility in Holland and taught by specialist teachers in clinical anatomy (head dissection).

It is described as a: “Once in a lifetime opportunity to explore human anatomy in a truly immersive way; we will do all we can to support you and make this an unforgettable and unique educational experience.”

Maxine is adamant that criticism last time was unwarranted as the students are there purely to advance their knowledge with the sole aim of improving safety and help prevent adverse effects.

She said: “Just like last time the cadavers will be treated with the utmost respect – it is a requirement of those who run these courses that the attendees are selected because they have a thirst for knowledge, a passion to improve their professionalism, training and become the best and safest injectors it is possible to be.

“This is a specialist course which will help improve the safety of clients and I’m passionate about the need to improve our knowledge as an industry of anatomy and physiology.

“Improved knowledge and learning is vital to increase expertise and safety and so we have searched for the best course possible and found it in Holland.

“As a teacher I want to further knowledge and give the best training available – and this is it.”

Following the outcry from some circles in the medical profession after the last course Maxine offered in 2016, she was interviewed by the Good Surgeon Guide and you can watch that here:

For more information about the course and how you can attend to improve your skills and knowledge contact our sales team on 0161 848 7146 or