Go to the Top of the Class at Cosmetic Couture

For the third straight month students have rate the courses at Cosmetic Couture as top class.

In July the Manchester-based aesthetic training academy reported almost perfect scores of 99.43% and 100% from 44 students for the quality of training at their Manchester training academy.

That was repeated again for August with once again amazing scores from the students of 99.31% and 100%!

And September is even better with all 48 students who completed the end-of course questionnaire scoring a perfect 100%.

The class of September is even happier than the classes of August and July!!

As part of its ongoing commitment to standards, Cosmetic Couture gives all students the opportunity to score a range of categories when they finish their training – the company’s Quality Policy Target Results.

These scores are tested against pre-set targets which aim to achieve a 95% score of good or better in all categories.

In July 44 students filled in the surveys – with AMAZING results. And in August the scores were almost exactly the same from another 36 students.

In September the results come from 48 students.

The survey asks questions about the overall standard of the course, the “Quality of Trainer” and their knowledge of the subject, presentation skills, variety of techniques used to deliver content and their helpfulness.

Cosmetic Couture CEO Maxine Hopley said once again the results show that they have amazing teachers, teaching what students need to know on courses that are relevant to students’ needs.

She said: “It fills me with pride that once again I have to pay special tribute to all our teaches who are proving that they are some of the very best in the industry. The results of our surveys started out very, very good but have been getting better and better as we use student feedback to tweak the courses and react to any comments. And I think that shows in these results.

“To smash all our targets and have almost 100% customer satisfaction over three months is proof that we must be doing something right.”

Students studied a wide range of courses offered at Cosmetic Couture from foundation and advance fillers and anti-wrinkle to micro-needling and specialist masterclasses and adverse effects.