How Dare Doctors go back and do Botox in the Middle of Lockdown?


THE owner of the largest most successful independent aesthetic training and treatment academy in the UK has angrily slammed any clinics opening before government guidelines are lifted.

And she has rounded on the medics in the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practice (JCCP) who are not condemning medics opening for aesthetic treatments.

This follows news that British College of Aesthetic Medicine has notified its members that they can treat patients for cosmetic procedures including Botox and fillers BEFORE lockdown ends.

And that has been backed up by The JCCP which has issued a statement saying that: “The final decision whether to proceed to provide an aesthetic service at this time of ‘lockdown’ must be made by the Practitioner (sic) themselves, informed by the exercise of their clinical judgement following the provision of a clinical risk assessment, whilst mitigating the conflicts of interest between commercial and ethical practice and having thoroughly reviewed the advice provided by Government in its authorised statements”.

Maxine Hopley, CEO of Cosmetic Couture, said: “I think the public can see straight through this and that it’s just about them money grabbing.

“How can it be OK when The Government guidelines are clear for my business and thousands of other aesthetic and beauty practitioners to stay closed but it’s OK for medics to open?

“I employ medics so if my medics think it’s OK for the patient’s mental health, we can offer them Botox and fillers.

“Come on – I could do this but would know in 99 out of 100 cases it would be just for money – unless we are now agreeing all treatments are in the best interests of our mental health.

“It’s the same argument as opening pubs – for some people it will help their mental health, as would having their hair cut or their nails done.

“But we are all doing what’s best for the country and for public health.

“This is the JCCP and the medical profession once again proving that they are a law to themselves and it’s an absolute disgrace – and it will only encourage others to open their salons.”