Insurance Boost Allows Quicker Qualification

Cosmetic Couture’s L3 Matrix aesthetic pathway has been approved by a leading insurance company which means students can go straight from basic to advanced practical training without having to prove six months additional experience between the courses.

That’s because the insurance company and the insurance brokers have agreed that Cosmetic Couture’s L3 Matrix course is an acceptable entry level due to its detailed theoretical learning and the underlying quality of the course and training.

The agreement between Cosmetic Couture, L3 Matrix and Finch Insurance Brokers has taken months to approve and is a unique arrangement allowing students to progress efficiently in their aesthetic training.

However, a spokeswoman for Finch said the agreement still requires students to be fully transparent and honest when applying for the insurance cover.

Cosmetic Couture CEO Maxine McCarthy is delighted with the new policy. She said: “We have worked really hard in partnership with L3 Matrix and the great people at Finch to create courses that enable students to train at the pace they want and to achieve their career training goals more quickly.

“It’s a real boost and allows students to move on to advance fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments when they are comfortable and competent.”

A spokeswoman for Finch Insurance said: “We receive multiple enquiries from training academies offering pathway, fast track or foundation courses. A large majority of these courses have very limited theoretical learning before moving into basic injectable treatments and are not an acceptable entry level into aesthetic practice.

“The basic entry level for a non-medic student to be accepted for insurance is an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy with six months experience of advanced beauty treatments and those that penetrate the skin, for example microneedling and SPMU.

“The L3 Matrix aesthetics pathway course (SFJ Award IQ Level 3 Organisation Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Practice for Aesthetic Practitioners) has been thoroughly reviewed and found to be an acceptable alternative entry level, with no pre-requisites to obtain insurance uniquely with Finch and our insurer partner.

“Once this L3 Matrix course has been completed, and after completion of a foundation course, the student can progress onto advanced anti-wrinkle or filler training, with no need for a further six months’ experience. This agreement is unique to Finch, L3 Matrix Pathway Course and our insurer partner.”

She highlighted that, as with all insurance policies, it is vital that the applicant declares all relevant information to the broker and that the quotation will be based upon “a statement of fact” and if this is incorrect at the point a claim was made, this could deem the policy be null and void.

So, a student at Cosmetic Couture no longer needs a Level 3 Beauty qualification and at least six months experience to sign on for aesthetic training if they complete the L3 Matrix course and then enter into the pathway through foundation courses and on to advanced.

But all policy quotes should be read very carefully and those taking out insurance should be aware of any possible restrictions or conditions to a policy.

These may include a Dermal Filler Endorsement – For example that “The Dermal Filler must be CE Marked and excludes the on-selling or passing on of dermal fillers to other practitioners”.

And it is likely to include a Botulinum Toxin Endorsement – For example that “The Botulinum Toxin will be prescribed by the prescriber to the patient face to face (no remote or repeat prescribing). Excludes on-selling or passing on to other practitioners.”

Maxine McCarthy will host a brief Facebook Live to discuss the new policy, it’s application and importance and how it will help students on Tuesday May 25 at 1.30pm.

It will be hosted on the Cosmetic Couture Facebook page and is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have to Maxine.