IQ Verify Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation Techniques now accepted to join Part B of the JCCP Practitioner Register


Internationally Recognised and UKAS Accredited Level 4 Certification


The IQ Verify Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation Techniques for Aesthetic Practitioners has been developed in alignment with the latest CPSA and JCCP Cosmetic Standards. It is suitable for anyone with a Level 3 Qualification in cosmetic practice/ beauty therapy (or above).


Unlike any other framework on the market, it meets the requirements of the internationally recognised standard for personnel competency (ISO/IEC 17024:2012) and IQ Verify has recently been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for this standard and the delivery of personnel certification in accordance with the following scope: IQ Verify Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation Techniques for Aesthetic Practitioners.


The key aim is to provide a route of recognised and guideline compliant progression for aesthetic practitioners of all background.


JCCP Register Access


This week it was confirmed by the JCCP that evidence of certification against an ISO/IEC 17024 UKAS Accredited Skin Rejuvenation Certification at Level 4 will now be accepted by the Council as an access route to Part B of the JCCP Practitioner Register.


This means that candidates with a valid IQ Verify Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation Certificate will now be able to submit this to the JCCP as certifiable evidence to apply to join and feature on the register.


Laurence Clarke, Director of IQ Verify stated:


“This is an important milestone in ensuring the visibility of those practitioners who work hard conform to the latest cosmetic requirements.”


“Training is a spectrum and those meeting the highest standards deserve recognition.”


“It really is an exciting time for the industry. IQ Verify Skin Rejuvenation now represents the UK’s first UKAS accredited personnel certification scheme in aesthetics and the first certification framework that allows therapists to gain access to the JCCP register.”


“Raising the bar for quality training and certification is an essential step towards bettering the industry and protecting client safety.”


Professor David Sines, Chair of the JCCP added:


“The JCCP has been working with UKAS for several years now to identify and advise on the core technical standards that should be applied to UKAS accredited aesthetic certification schemes. The JCCP Board of Trustees has now approved evidence of UKAS Accredited Certification for Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation as an access route to Part B of the JCCP Practitioner Register.”


“This is a welcome development.”



Combined Distance Learning with Face-Face Hands on Practical Mentoring and Examinations


Candidates undertaking this unique programme are first provided with the IQ Verify class leading eLearning platform to develop their industry and skin rejuvenation knowledge and understanding. Completion of this remote delivery stage then unlocks a range of hands on training sessions and subsequent examinations to build upon and enhance microneedling and chemical peel specific aesthetic competency.


No other framework can offer such benefits:


  • Aligned to an international standard (ISO/IEC 17024:2012)
  • UKAS accredited Level 4 accredited Certification
  • Level 4 accepted for access to Part B of the JCCP Practitioners Register
  • Enables academic progression
  • Guideline compliant at each and every stage
  • Requires prospective learning providers to undertake and complete a full audit against the CPSA standards to promote safety and quality training provision
  • Knowledge delivered remotely through eLearning, ideally suited to those working from home
  • Ensures the maintenance of competency over time through ISO required recertification every three years


For more information about enrolment or becoming an IQ Verify approved learning provider, contact us today at


Better standards. Better education. Notes to editors

IQ Verify is a UKAS accredited certification body accredited to:-

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – the standard for certification bodies certifying management systems ISO/IEC 17065:20102 – the standard for certification bodies certifying products and services ISO/IEC 17024:2012 – the standard for certification bodies certifying the competence of personnel


The company specialises in schemes relating to security, health and social care, aesthetic medicine and education as per the scope of accreditation detailed on its UKAS schedules which are in the public domain and can be found at