JCCP Update – What’s the Latest?


THE chairman of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners has given an update to a small audience including the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain.

Professor David Sines was speaking at Professional Beauty North in Manchester earlier today (Monday October 14) and we picked out four main messages from his talk.

They are that:

  1. The Government isn’t going to regulate the injectables industry “anytime soon”
  2. There is likely to be legislation brought forward soon to clampdown on treatments to under-18s
  3. The JCCP will continue its advertising clampdown in association with Advertising Standards Authority on misleading aesthetic training advertising
  4. There will be a renewed focus on mental health issues and their implications for the aesthetics industry

Professor Sines also highlighted the four main areas for JCCP campaigns continuing in 2020 as:

  1. Safer Products – working with manufacturers and suppliers
  2. Education and Training – focussing on accurate and ethical advertising and compliance
  3. Promoting the positive image of safe and ethical practice in the beauty/aesthetic sector
  4. Mental Health Issues – a recognition and screening for psychological and emotional wellbeing as core components of safe aesthetic practice

The JCCP continues its three-year consultation on the aesthetics industry and the role of non-medics and is due to report on that in 2021.