IT came from Russia with love, but it seems people are fast falling out of love with the Russian Lip Trends.

And Maxine McCarthy, trailblazing CEO of Cosmetic Couture, the UK’s leading award-winning aesthetic training academy thinks people going cold on Russian Lips is just the latest in a long line of lip trends – many of which Maxine has been at the very forefront of.

As you know we’re not talking here about Andrea Ivanova, 22, the ludicrous Bulgarian who has had more than 20 filler procedures to create what she claims are the biggest lips in the world. We’re talking about the style whose name comes from the style of lips you often see on Russian stacking dolls – or matryoshka and babushka, to give them their correct Russian name.

Quite simply with Russian Lips, the cupid’s bow is accentuated to create something close to a heart shape. In addition, volume and lift are added to the centre of the lips while remaining relatively flat to the face.

It may be a doll-like effect, but it is meant to look quite natural if the filler in injected correctly. But the natural style of Russian Lips seems to be out in favour of an even more natural look. And it’s all been led by Molly-Mae Hague who filmed the whole process on her You Tube channel when she had her filler removed.

Molly-Mae said on the video she has had about 5ml of filler and now wants a much more natural look and she said was “….weirdly happy – I feel like I have gone back to 15 year old me.”

So, are thinner more natural lips the new style?

Maxine thinks so: “When celebrities like Molly-Mae start making videos watched by millions of followers talking about how they want to dissolve all their filler even though they have thin, small lips then yes it’s going to have an effect. I expect to start seeing people copying her but there will be another style trend along in a short while that will catch on again. And maybe it will be another one I come up with!!”

And Maxine knows a thing or two about lip styles because she’s been trademarking them for the past seven years as an industry leader.

She trademarked her first amazing signature style a full year before social media goddess Kylie Jenner famously admitted that her plumped lips were the result of fillers.

That was the spark for the lip filler market to explode when Jenner said: “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine, and it’s what I wanted to do.” She also said: “I want to admit to [having my lips filled], but people are so quick to judge me on everything.”

While Jenner was admitting to having lip fillers in 2015, a year earlier, in 2014, Maxine and Cosmetic Couture developed her four trademarked signature styles of lips – Doll Lips, B-Stung, Golden Lip, and HD Lips which gives more of a 3D rounded effect.

When Maxine launched Golden Lip, it joined Jenner as an internet sensation with more than 200,000 views. And they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so Cosmetic Couture was very flattered that scores of other training providers suddenly began offering lip masterclasses. But as they say the original is always the best and Cosmetic Couture’s lip masterclasses are still
lipsmackingly amazing.

Today the masterclasses still teach students how to develop all these styles – helping Cosmetic Couture students to stand out from their competitors – students who have trained with Cosmetic Couture can often be identified by the famous signature styles they perform for their clients.

And even if you want your lips au natural then the Cosmetic Couture expert practitioners are there to help and advise and give you the best look for you.