Non-surgical Facelifts – no knife, no scars, no problem

As an aesthetic practitioner for more than 10-years I sometimes think I have to go back to basics
when explaining just how amazing dermal fillers can be.

Did you know for example that you can have a full non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers?

When we think of facelifts, we often think of jokes about peeling back layers of skin and pinning
them behind your ears or pulling the face so tight you look like you’re permanently watching Saw 3!!

It’s a natural fact that as we get older our faces sag because the pads from our facial skin get lost. At
this point if we want to do something about it, we have two basic choices – either the surgeon’s
knife or the skilled aesthetic practitioner’s needle and dermal fillers.

Certain areas of the face are great areas to work with dermal fillers and give you what is essentially a
non-surgical facelift including nasolabial folds, lip corners, jawline, your cheeks and mid-face.

And that’s why I love Secret Rose™ dermal fillers so much – because the range of products means
we can perform a full non-surgical facelift with just one super-trusted and super brilliant brand.

Secret Rose™ dermal fillers can give you a full non-surgical facelift because the range of products is
perfectly adapted to work on all areas of the face. Secret Rose™ dermal filler is a 100% solution to
your face being adversely affected by aging effects with a non-surgical facelift rather than one-off
singular dermal filler treatments for one area.

Secret Rose™ Implant is superb for an eight-point facelift for those of use approaching or heading
past our 40 th .

Secret Rose™ Shape is great for the ultra-cool and very 2021 Russian Lip while Secret Rose™ Deep
will help eliminate wrinkles and sort out the marionettes, nasolabial folds, with great definition.

Finally, Secret Rose™ Fine completes the range and is perfect for tear troughs. I used to use Teoxane
Redensity 2 but since discovering Secret Rose™ Fine, I’ve switched and now swear by this.

So, when you add it all up the Secret Rose™ range, available here at Cosmetic Couture, offers us the
chance to give you the perfect non-surgical facelift.


non surgical facelift manchester


But what does a non-surgical facelift involve?

We know that dermal fillers work when they are injected into main problem areas in the face by
drawing in and retaining moisture which improves the volume and texture of the skin – plumping it
up. A key ingredient of dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid which activates these plumping abilities and
brings back the best of your skin.

Is it safe and does it work well?

Skilled aesthetic practitioners are able to transform a face using the Secret Rose™ range of dermal
fillers, working on different areas to give a natural and glowing look to the face. It’s safe and because
the Secret Rose™ fillers contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic, there is little chance of feeling any pain or
discomfort and the recovery time is really quick. It’s also important to say that the effects are long
lasting and can be seen almost immediately.

What happens to me if I want a non-surgical facelift?

It’s really important that the skilled practitioner who is going to undertake your treatment knows
what you want to achieve. How you want to look? They must also understand your face, so the first
step is to undertake a facial examination before any treatment is undertaken. The aesthetic
practitioner will work out exactly the best places where Secret Rose™ can have the most effect and
give you the results that you want.

It works!

A non-surgical facelift with a skilled aesthetic practitioner using Secret Rose™ dermal fillers is a
modern way to bring back that youthful look to your skin. No need for expensive beauty creams
(how can they really work at a sub-skin level?) or even more expensive surgery. Affordable,
comfortable and reliable, a non-surgical facelift is the answer to a youthful looking you. And it’s
really important to note that the quality of the aesthetic practitioner is just as important as the
quality of the dermal filler. At Cosmetic Couture our practitioners are some of the most experienced
in the country and love sharing the secret of Secret Rose™.

It’s no secret, Secret Rose™ will help you bloom. You can rely on the rose.


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