Over the weekend I’ve been bombarded with messages about something terrible that’s happened to an aesthetic practitioner and I’ve been asked about what I think about it and what we should do.

Social media has been full of people discussing what appears to be a really tragic situation where someone has felt so bad about what’s been said about her that she has attempted to take her own life.

The original cause of this appears to be a very serious adverse affect to a treatment on one of her patients – but the details of that are private and we shouldn’t be judging without all the information. Even then it’s still no excuse for what seems to have happened.

No matter what a person has done as they have gone about their daily job there is never any cause for others to abuse, vilify and harass someone. Especially to try and do that to try and enhance their own business.

I’m not going to name names because I think that would be an infringement of the victim’s privacy at what must be a most traumatic time.

And I won’t go into detail about what I know about the bullies – for loads of reasons including how angry and disgusted I am, and I might get myself into serious trouble.

I just want to say this.

I’m a very strong character and know all about online abuse. I can take it – at least I hope I can – but I know how deeply upsetting and deeply traumatic it can be. But some people can’t deal with it. It can literally wreck their livelihood and their lives.

So, there is never any excuse for online bullying, trolling or commenting on things which you know very little about.

I’m gutted for the victim in this and I’m disgusted with everyone who has used an accidental adverse effect to bully, attack and condemn the practitioner to such an effect that it’s got to such an extreme situation.

When the time is right, I will be reaching out to those involved and offering help and support – whether that’s to get well and back on her feet in business or take action against those who have sought to destroy her.

This torrent of online abuse – which is a stain on our industry – needs to be stopped.

We can all play a part, and I will continue to try and help and support those who need it if asked and am looking at ways our aesthetic charity the ACPB can get involved in a positive way.

But for now, I hope the practitioner can recover and get the support she obviously needs from friends and family. And everyone who has helped drive her to this should be made to pay for their actions via any legal powers available.

Abusing the abusers is not the answer no matter how right that may feel.

The law and social media firms need act. And we must all try and be responsible and never bully or abuse those who we believe are doing something we don’t like.