Over the weekend Save Face attacked Katie Price on Instagram for training as an aesthetic practitioner.

How dare they?

How dare any organisation attack any individual for training for a new career?

How dare Save Face criticise someone who chooses, quite legally, to follow a new career path – whether they are Katie Price or anyone else.

Save Face has been created to protect and promote the interests of medics in our industry – to keep all the money for themselves basically.

It claims to be a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and to be recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England – who I hope all will have a look again at this organisation and how it operates because this is a disgrace.

Because no official body can surely condone a personal attack on an individual under the headline of a “Public Safety Warning” like Save Face has done on its Instagram account.

And if I was Katie Price, I’d be suing them for claiming I was a Public Health threat as a “Public Safety Alert” for doing something legal and frankly not very dangerous.

I dare you to call me a Public Health threat Save face – go on. I’m just like Katie Price, and so are thousands more like us.

Save Face claims Katie training, perfectly legally, is “..absolutely appalling, irresponsible, and dangerous on every conceivable level.”

No, it’s not. What are your real motives.

Public safety or money?

This is just someone choosing to train in a new career.

To try to justify their argument they claim aesthetic treatments are “medical treatments” (No they’re not according to the Government and the taxman) that “can cause serious complications such as blindness and permanent tissue death in unsafe hands”.

Yes, they can in a miniscule amount of cases – but how often has this happened? Never in the UK!

Go on – rather than scaremongering let’s have the facts. Save Face quite simply exaggerate the dangers and scaremonger for their own selfish ends.

They want all the business for themselves – it’s all about greed and nothing to do with public safety.

They don’t provide any real facts and figures about our industry.

Let’s all just ask Save Face three questions about how dangerous they think non-medics in our industry are.

  1. How many people have been hospitalised – ever – in the UK despite there being tens of thousands of procedures every day?
  2. How many have been blinded or permanently disfigured? Is it none blinded like all the research suggests?
  3. Will they come on and publicly debate with me on this subject? Of course not – they never accept my invitations. Ask yourself why not?

Come on Save Face, show us facts and let’s have a debate once and for all.

Then you can explain why medics should be exclusively allowed to carry out these beauty treatments rather than treating and disease?

Then you can explain why you keep on fighting this loosing battle despite the taxman defining aesthetic treatments as beauty treatments like we all know they really are.

Otherwise leave us in peace and get your medics back into the NHS and saving lives rather than working in aesthetics simply to make money.

Where are your real principles?