2020 has indeed been one of the strangest years many of us have lived through, and while it isn’t over yet – and this pandemic seems to be far from gone – Cosmetic Couture have been working hard to ensure they not only keep their doors open, but continue to provide the highest level of training to their students, despite restrictions.

When Covid-19 hit, and Cosmetic Couture were forced, like many other businesses, to shut doors, Maxine and her team jumped into action. How would they still provide exceptional training with delayed practical training days?

And moving online proved to be the solution.

Despite a few start-up hiccups, Cosmetic Couture managed to get 100s of students onto courses, many on their progression route into aesthetics, and since reopening in September (following an extended lockdown in Manchester) have delivered 130 practical courses successfully.

Not only successfully but a recon of their quality report shows a feedback rate of 96.73%! A brilliant score when you think of the challenges faced with social distancing, limited numbers per class, limited training areas and the added PPE.

Cosmetic Couture have always prided themselves on setting high standards for training – and this feedback report has given the team another positive boost to keep doing what they love and delivering a great teaching program to their students.

Cosmetic Couture have also worked hard over the lockdown period to upgrade all their courses – with more in-depth pre-studies, additional facts per subject and updated techniques – and have successfully had an additional 18 courses CPD accredited with the CPD, bringing the total number of CPD accredited courses to 27.

When it comes to choosing a training centre, it is important that you choose carefully as too many institutions make promises of high standards of training that they cannot deliver on. Recognised courses with awarding bodies such as CDP, IQ Verify, SJF/IQ are important and lend to the standard of training you can expect from a company.

And if 27 CPD accredited courses, an entry level SFJ/IQ course, Level 4-7 with IQ Verify and a 96.73% success rate are anything to go by, then Cosmetic Couture certainly meet those standards.