The best way to a face you love?

What’s the best way to have a PROPER facial? Pete Richardson looks at the mesotherapy boom and asks – is this the way forward for our faces?


I have always laughed at the telly when the latest wonder cream is advertised to work miracles on the face.

“It’s a cream – just a cream” I find myself shouting across the room.

Some creams are great, but they can cost a fortune, and can a cream really give you the look you are REALLY after?

That’s where mesotherapy comes in.

Mesotherapy involves lots of tiny injections of vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and other celebrated skin ingredients to promote collagen and elastin, while boosting cell metabolism.

It’s all sounding very scientific but think about it. If you want tighter, firmer and dare I say it, younger looking skin, then surely you have to go a little deeper than rubbing in a cream – even if it does contain stuff you’ve never heard off!

With mesotherapy the shallow jabs can be done manually, or using a ‘meso-gun,’ going beyond the subcutaneous fat as far as the dermis, where it matters – which also means a pretty painless treatment, requiring only a layer of numbing cream, at most, pre-treatment.

The meso-gun technique uses an air pressure gun to deliver micro doses through micro needles, which means it is both faster and thorough.

The blends vary but are mostly mix of vitamins, minerals, plants and plumping hyaluronic.

And the results…..?

As soon as the short-lived redness disappears, is usually that wonderful plumped post-facial skin that you hanker for after a spa treatment, but realistically never seem to get.

And for many it lasts for weeks as mesotherapy goes more than skin deep.

Rather than correcting the surface of your skin like a cream, this treatment reboots skin from the inside out for overall complexion health, meaning anyone from their late twenties especially can really reap the benefits.

For some people that means less make-up, looking less weary and some of those facial lines seem to disappear.

So if you’re not into injectables – which really do alter the way you look, then mesotherapy could be for you.