The JCCP {What is all the fuss about?}

Pete Richardson takes a look at the Joint Council For Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) which is at the heart of the calls for change in the aesthetics industry and why it is sometime viewed with suspicion by non-medics.

There has been a long on-going fight to have experienced and highly professional cosmetic practitioners, who are not medics, recognised to perform injectable procedures like fillers and Botox.

The JCCP was established several years ago, many believed, in the hope that it would recommend a sustainable solution for all those working in a largely unrelated industry.

Instead, to the consternation of many, it announced rather ham-fistedly in September 2018 that a new voluntary register would only be open to medics at the levels required to administer Botox and dermal fillers.

Cries of anguish from the many who had worked for several years in the hope of an end to the uncertainty. And especially at the way the announcement was leaked.

A meeting on Friday September 21 was then hastily organised by Professor David Sines, chairman of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), in the aftermath of their announcement that they will not accredit non-medics to perform injectable procedures. Despite only being a voluntary register, this has already begun to have effects with many practitioners fearing it will mean they will no longer be able to carry on working.

The meeting heard that if legislation comes forward further down the line then cosmetic practitioners will need to achieve a recognised qualification to level 7 – and that this currently doesn’t exist.

JCCP chairman Professor David Sines made it clear in the meeting, that if reputable training providers want to be recognised then they should become standard bearers for quality, care and treatment.

But how can this be achieved with no national qualifications of that kind?

What could non-medics do next……..?

The answer?

The foundation of a new group helping to shape the future of the industry and shape national policy and guidelines.

Following “The Sines Meeting,” this new group was formed to specifically understand the needs and wishes of the non-medical aesthetic beauty industry.

The new JCCP Beauty Aesthetics Special Interest Committee (BASIC) first meeting was announced for November 2018.

More to follow in the next blog…