MANCHESTER-based aesthetic academy owner Maxine Hopley is one of the industry’s leading and most successful businesswomen.

As the time now fast approaches to reopen after lockdown, Maxine reveals some of her top tips for success. So, take a few moments before you reopen to consider if you need any help with any of these? If so, Maxine’s new company Pink Balloon may be able to help……read on for more…


  1. Marketing, marketing, marketing

In property they say it’s location, location, location. In our business that should be marketing, marketing, marketing. We absolutely hammer social media. No radio ads, no newspaper or magazines – pretty much 100% on social. And we spend on it too – you would fall off your chair with some of our Facebook ad bills. But it works. We have up to a million views of some videos and 100s of thousands on many of them. Almost all our business is generated from social and Google. Want to learn how we do it? Read on.


  1. Build your own brand

I seem to have been christened The Queen of Aesthetics – and that’s no bad thing is it? Rightly or wrongly it means I can play with some fun branding and design ideas around that brand. And Cosmetic Couture has a very distinctive brand as well. So, we use both those to drive all our marketing. There are more and more, and more aesthetic practitioners out there so how do you stand out from the crowd in your high street or town?

Be genuine, be you – but don’t be afraid to shout about what makes you brilliant.


  1. Create your unique style and treatments

Over the years at Cosmetic Couture we have developed and perfected some unique styles and treatments which set us apart from the competition like B-Stung and HD lips or the VIPEEL!! We love being creative and setting new standards and always try to be one step ahead. We are always keeping our eye out for the newest trends and styles (if we don’t create and set them ourselves!) and then adapting and creating products for the cutting edge of the industry. You need to know what’s coming next and have faith in your knowledge and skill to invest and be prepared to take a risk on creating or promoting something new. Be brave and be bold and back yourself.


  1. Be boring and have great policies and procedures

I have learned over the last couple of years that our continued success lies in making sure we are at on top of our game when it comes to company policies and procedures. Meetings may be boring but they are an essential part of the business. AS are creating and adhering to a range of really important policies and procedures. From health & safety to business interruptions policies, from medicines management to waste disposal and data protection – it seems everything needs a proper policy if you need any third-party regulation or authorisation. These have been part of our process for years but upgrading and auditing internally have become almost second nature now. It may be boring but it really is the key to most of what we do now.


  1. Appeal to a wider audience

Most of us target a similar type of person in our marketing. But what about the rest of the population? We have begun to look further afield than our traditional customer (our perfect avatar in marketing speak!) and now talk to a range of people we would not have dreamed of as potential customers a few years ago. Think about men, young and old, or the LGBT community for example. Specialising in certain treatments could result in a growth in business – so what can you do that’s a bit different for a different clientele?


I have teamed up with some very clever people to create a business called Pink Balloon – The Beauty Marketing People. If you want any help or advice email for a free 20 minute consultation….and say “Maxine sent me” in your email and you’ll get 30% of your first month working with the best in the business.