THREADS – Be Aware of the Aftercare


Many people are really keen on Intraline PDO threads or Meso Thread Lifting and having them done. However, they may not have all the information prior to the appointment on what the treatment entails or what aftercare would need to be adhered to post treatment.


Understanding what an Intraline PDO thread actually is, is a good start. PDO stands for Polydioxanone, and these threads have a powerful dual effect. The first is to provide immediate tightening and lifting of the skin. The second is to stimulate the body’s own ability to produce Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid, leaving the skin visibly improved even after the absorption of the Threads.


3D Meso Threads are Lifting Threads that can be inserted into multiple skin layers in several directions. Most importantly, the threads are made of biodegradable material, i.e. a surgical, absorbable suture. Thereby, lift threads are completely absorbed by the tissue after insertion. This process happens within 180-240 day after the treatment. The treatment leaves no visible skin defects and limitations of facial expressions.


Botha re quite evasive procedures and require a considerable amount of aftercare to ensure the results are maintained. For example, Intraline PDO Threads have a 6-month absorption period, during which time they are stimulating your own collagen regrowth.


Steps in aftercare include applying SPF30+ daily and avoiding direct sunlight. Tanning machines are a no-no as well as any form of harsh light, can cause Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). It is advisable to avoid temperature extremes such as sauna or very cold climate for 10 days as well.


Gently wash the treated areas on the same day but do not rub or massage the face for 2 weeks, also taking care not to open your mouth too wide for 3-4 weeks. This means avoiding dental treatment for 2 weeks, if possible.


A stinging or “pulling” pain or discomfort is normal. Take Paracetamol 500 mg (1-2 tablets) every 6 hours as directed if you are in pain. Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen, because inflammation is necessary to initiate the new collagen formation process. Ibuprofen and similar medications will suppress this process.


Avoid alcohol and anti-coagulant medicines (aspirin, unless prescribed for medical indications) for 7 days. You would also need to avoid blood ‘thinning’ vitamins C, A & E for 7 days.


It is recommended to avoid physical exercise for 7 days post procedure or having Radio Frequency (RF) or any heat producing device (laser, IPL, etc.) treatments of the thread treated areas for at least 10 weeks.


It is important to note that possible (but rare) complications may arise and these can include infection, swelling, bruising, foreign body reaction in the epidermis (granuloma) and protrusion.


An extremely rare complication that can occur is temporary facial nerve fall out. This may occur due to local anaesthetic, swelling, hematoma or pressure of the cannula or thread on the nerve. Your practitioner MUST be informed immediately if facial nerve fallout is experienced and if your practitioner can’t be reached then go immediately to the Emergency Department.


That may sound daunting but for almost all clients the results are worth all the hard work.[bookly-cancellation-confirmation]