Threads vs Botox


When it comes to getting the derriere of your dreams there are tons of different ways to achieve it. From surgical implants, to fillers, threads and even Botox – there’s a treatment for everyone.

At Cosmetic Couture, our experienced aestheticians perform perfect bum lifts using PDO Mono threads – an extremely fine medical grade thread that leaves no scarring and needs very little recovery time. This is the ideal treatment for anybody who wants great results without committing to invasive surgery.

The magic of PDO threads doesn’t stop at bum lifts either! They’re also a great non-surgical way to take care of loose skin on the stomach – tightening and contouring your way to body-confidence.

What’s involved in a thread bum lift?

A thread bum lift offers many benefits: you’ll get a perkier bottom, the appearance of longer legs, and a visible lift and reshape of the buttocks. It’s all achieved using PDO mono threads that are placed into the subcutaneous tissue of the bum using a cannula.

Using a local anesthetic, the aesthetician will make small incisions on the buttocks to run the threads through the skin. The threads are then tightened until the right shape and lift is achieved. The threads work in a similar way to surgical sutures but with the added benefit of collagen stimulation post procedure.

PDO mono threads are made using polydioxanone – a synthetic polymer, thinner than hair, that biodegrades within the body. There are different brand names of threads including Intraline, Rainbow, Magic, and Secret Rose all of which work in the same way – by relaxing the tendons and muscles whilst stimulating blood to the treated area. This natural healing response triggers neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen) as well as elastin and hyaluronic acid production – all of which keeps skin healthy and firm, with a youthful glow.

Sometimes called the ‘mini butt lift’ the entire procedure only takes between 1-2 hours with a follow-up appointment afterwards. It really is that easy to get a beautiful booty!

Boxtox for your bum – does it work?

To enhance the shape of the bum, some salons are using Botox injections, also known as Buttox. The treatment works by relying on the muscle-relaxing properties of the neurotoxin to dampen the effects of the ‘pull-down’ muscles and boost the ‘pull-up’ muscles at the top of the buttocks instead.

However, many aestheticians will tell you not to bother with a buttox treatment because the results are often barely visible. At Cosmetic Couture, we always recommend the PDO thread bum lift as the quickest and most effective way to get the results you want.

Using PDO Threads for Tummy Lifts

Just like a bum lift, PDO threads work brilliantly for tummy lifts too. Also known as body contouring or abdominal skin tightening, this treatment tightens any sagging skin on the stomach. Again, any of the brand name threads will work with this treatment including Secret Rose threads, Intraline threads, and Rainbow threads.

A non-surgical procedure, the threads are gently guided through the skin – just beneath the surface- using a fine cannula. Then they’re manipulated to create the desired lifting and contouring effect. After the procedure the threads are left inside the body to naturally biodegrade over 6-8 months.

This is a long-lasting treatment that can hold results for up to two years with regular maintenance appointments. It’s the perfect way to rid yourself of that stubborn tummy skin proving impossible to shift through diet and exercise alone.

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