NYTOX® (Vampire Facial Lift)


The course enables aesthetic practitioners to bee ale to deliver NPR (NYTOX® Platelet Rollering) to the faces and bodies of their clients. More advanced students will also learn the techniques to administer NRP injections to assist healing in client problem areas. To achieve this you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the skin and face and the causes and signs of ageing. As the platelet rich plasma is extracted from the client you will need to understand the structure of the blood, the structure and use of the platelet cell and phlebotomy.

As with any treatment the essential health and hygiene elements will be taught along with client care for pre and post treatment including legal documentation for insurance purposes. This will underpin all practical training facilitated at the training clinic and will result in fully accredited CPD certification.

21 hours of self-guided pre-study to be completed prior to the course.

There are 21 hours of in-house theory and practical sessions and all aspects of the course are mandatory and will include phlebotomy and first aid.

  • Safe and effective way of taking blood
  • Safe microneedling techniques
  • Areas of treatment
  • Facial structure
  • Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects

Students must have completed the equivalent of NVQ Level 2 Beauty.

Aesthetic Practitioners With one year of experience of injection techniques will progress to NRP injection training

Cost of this 2 Day Course – £2,500.00 inclusive of VAT




The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain (Known as the ACPB) has been created as a not-for-profit organisation to help support aesthetic practitioners across the UK.

The ACPB welcome professionals from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, with a code of conduct which helps inspire public safety and maintain professional industry standards by having full accreditation and insurance assurances.