Maxine’s Story

Maxine trained in aesthetics in 2009. After doing aesthetics treatments for 3 year, Maxine in 2012 opened Cosmetic Couture Training Academy which offers aesthetic courses to beauty therapists and health care professionals.

Cosmetic Couture is one of the most talked about and recognised names in the industry and has trained thousands of students who have carved out very successful careers in the cosmetic industry.

Maxine is known for being highly controversial in the debate between non-medics and medics who perform cosmetic treatments.

She has also been heavily involved as a stakeholder in HEE report over the last 6 years and is proactive about raising standards for both the beauty and medical sector.


It is not illegal for beauty therapists to perform aesthetic treatments but Maxine believes that we should raise the standards in training. There should be mandatory regulations for both sectors . There should be accountability; safe products should be used and full clinical oversight should be mandatory for non-prescribing practitioners  and medics should an adverse effect or complication arise.

Maxine offers an Advanced Adverse Effects course for those who feel they have been inadequately trained, to watch the Adverse effects video, click on the watch now button below.

Further to this, we also offer The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain (Known as the ACPB). This has been created as a not-for-profit organisation to help support aesthetic practitioners across the UK. The ACPB welcome professionals from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, with a code of conduct which helps inspire public safety and maintain professional industry standards by having full accreditation and insurance assurances.

​The ACPB aim to allow all those who wish to train in this area to have an equal advantage, putting aside rivalries from any professions within the medical or aesthetic practitioner fields. This allows for entry to be accepted with regard to the highest standards of safety.

All parties are enabled to train regardless of their professional background. All are required to adhere to the strict protocol and procedures and to have completed thorough training, ensuring that the ACPB standards have been met which emphasises of complete safety for the patient/client.

For further information on the ACPB, please CLICK HERE