If you are interest in becoming a prescriber for the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB).

As you will know The ACPB is committed to raising and maintaining standards in the aesthetics industry in the UK.

With well over 250 members across the country we not only help and support our members but we in many cases enable them to practice.

As a prescriber you will provide a vital service to our members and as such, we want you to be aware of the reliance may of our members will place upon you.

Some of our members are new to the profession and need help and guidance as they establish their businesses. In these cases, it is not often possible for them to have five or six clients for you to see at any one time. Sometimes it may be that one client needs to be seen and a prescription issued.

We absolutely understand there are commercial considerations for you when travelling and prescribing which is why we are aiming to create an effective national distribution of prescribers for the benefit of both our members and our prescribers. To that effect we would appreciate your help in two ways if you agree to join us:

  1. You let us know of any other sufficiently qualified prescribers who may want to come on board
  2. You agree to ONE visit to a member only once in any six-month period by special request from ACPB HQ. This will not be a contractual obligation but rather a commitment from you to help us deliver the best possible service to our members

In return the benefits you will enjoy are substantial including:

  1. Access to our member database
  2. Insurance premium paid for by ACPB

If the above is acceptable and you feel you can work with us then please fill in the personal details form and sign and return with the contract of agreement and we will make all the necessary arrangements.