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“You can’t fail to be impressed by what Maxine showed us at Cosmetic Couture.” Jeremy Kyle


COSMETIC COUTURE has been praised by Jeremy Kyle on his show investigating the aesthetics industry.

It’s the second time in a matter of weeks Cosmetic Couture has featured on primetime ITV at the forefront of the national debate about injectables in the aesthetics industry.

CEO Maxine Hopley was featured last night, (Monday April 8, at 8pm) being interviewed by Jeremy Kyle on The Kyle Files.

And after spending several hours filming for the show, watching a lip masterclass with our tutor Petra, and part of an advanced adverse effects course, Jeremy Kyle, who himself has been having Botox for six years, said: “You cant fail to be impressed by what Maxine showed us at Cosmetic Couture”.

The show focused on the debate about whether non-medics should be allowed to offer injectable treatments like Botox and fillers.

And Maxine went toe-to-toe with Jeremy Kyle defending the rights of the best non-medics to practice.

Just a couple of weeks ago Maxine featured on the ITV news calling for higher standards and better professionalism and fighting for the right of beauticians to be able to perform perfectly legal procedures like Anti-wrinkle procedures and dermal fillers.

Now Cosmetic Couture and Maxine are once again the centre of attention defending the right of non-medics to practice and she was seen preaching the same message to the famous investigator. That message is that with proper training and in proper facilities many experienced non-medics are at least as equally proficient as medics in this field.

And as we predicted the show highlighted some unsavoury practices and the possible implications.

But Cosmetic Couture continues to attempt to gain national recognition for best practice with regards to training, education and regulation and is a founder member of the national Beauty Aesthetics Special Interest Committee.

As part of that, Cosmetic Couture is pushing for world-first nationwide guidelines to be drawn up for non-medics on everything from requirements at premises to customer contracts, formal complaints procedures, and required levels of first-aid training.


Have your say, let us know your thoughts, do you agree, do you disagree with the issues raised within this ongoing debate, do you support the commitment, work and effort Maxine is putting in fighting for the rights of non medics, if you do, then please take the time to fill in the our support form and let’s all be stronger together….

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