My Filler MAN MAX




“Inspired on the Millennial men, which is seeking for authenticity on personal care products specially in the anti ageing treatments.”

My Filler Man Max special formulation was created taking into consideration all those differences, biologically and structural, between the men and women’s skin.

The well known TRIO Technology, which My Filler range (Soft, Medium and Strong) is based of, had a further development and the result is a perfect and balanced formula stable and more active at the men skin.

In other words, the TRIO Technology works in 3 specific formulation variables: the hyaluronic acid concentration, the molecule size and the cross linking rate. My Filler Man Max gets one step ahead … and the cross linked hyaluronic acid gel solution based on TRIO Technology gets boosted with an extra 5 mg/ml of a non-cross linked hyaluronic acid gel.

Simple addition but makes a big difference …
The non-cross linked hyaluronic acid immediate gets in action and brings the desired skin effect in zero time. It starts as soon as the material is injected. Unfortunately, the NCLHA action is limited on time (normally 5-7 days) but that is enough time for the cross linked hyaluronic acid settle and gets in function filling the space left correcting the unaesthetic defect.


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