Sculptra® Training

Presented by a registered healthcare professional

 Who is this course for?

The Sculptra Training course is suitable for qualified medics and aestheticians who want to add an effective anti-ageing treatment to their services.

Entry Requirements

To study this course students must fall into one of the following categories.

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Dental Nurses
  • Podiatrists
  • Radiologists
  • Paramedics
  • Occupational Therapists

Course Overview

Sculptra® is a long lasting and effective anti-ageing treatment popular in the aesthetic market. A non-invasive treatment that works in harmony with the body to achieve a naturally youthful and radiant complexion.

Sculptra® has been clinically proven to restore volume to facial skin, smoothing out deep lines and wrinkles. It does this using a biocompatible and biodegradable injectable material known as poly-L-lactic acid which is derived from fruit acids. The poly-L-lactic acid naturally stimulates the build-up of the body’s own collagen which gradually increases the volume of depressed areas over a short time period.

Sculptra can be used to improve the appearance of: nasolabial folds; marionette lines; sunken cheeks; wrinkles in the cheeks or chin and deep scars.

Results can be seen in just two or three treatment sessions at six- to eight-week intervals. Clinical studies have shown results last 3 times longer than regular fillers – almost up to 2 years. A patient may require three to six treatments to be completely satisfied.

Course Components

The Sculptra Training course is taught by a registered healthcare professional and divided into the following modules.

  • History and cosmetic background
  • Mechanism of action
  • Indications, reconstitution and Injection techniques
  • Contraindications, complications & adverse events
  • Technique
  • Documentation
  • Aftercare
  • Combining Sculptra® with other aesthetic procedures
  • Demonstration
  • 1 live model

Course Duration and Cost

1-day inhouse training

Course Cost: £1,100.00


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