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This bundle includes 9 courses!


1.  First Aid and Anaphylaxis

The First Aid and Anaphylaxis course is an online programme designed to give you the theoretical knowledge needed to work in the aesthetics industry. This course will give you the confidence and skills you need to help your clients in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency at your place of work. Due to the nature of aesthetic and beauty treatments, taking part in an industry-specific first aid course is a necessity.

This course is also an excellent First Aid Training package, designed to give you the knowledge and skills to assist with medical emergencies and incidents in everyday life.

2. SFJ Awards Principles of Cosmetic Practice for Aesthetic Practitioners

Designed for beginners and non-medics, the SJF Awards Principles of Cosmetic Practice for Aesthetic Practitioners programme provides an entry level qualification into the Beauty and Aesthetics industry.

Learners will develop a broad understanding in a range of topics, including health and safety in aesthetics practice, communication and consultation, client assessment and skin analysis, and anatomy and physiology for skin treatments. Everything you need to progress onto the next level of aesthetics education.

3. Foundation Dermal Filler Course

The Foundation Dermal Filler course is designed for trained medics or qualified practitioners who want to expand their knowledge and services.

This CPD Standards Accredited course will give you the knowledge, confidence, and practical skills needed to perform professional dermal filler treatments. Focusing on the lower third of the face including the lips, you’ll be able to offer these highly sought-after treatments following the successful completion of this course.  You’ll learn everything you need to offer dermal filler treatments, such as the structure of hyaluronic acid, treatment procedures,  and client consultations, and injection techniques.

4. Hyaluronidase Injectables

The Hyaluronidase injectables course is designed for aesthetic practitioners who want to offer dissolving treatments for hyaluronic acid fillers. This is an online course that can be completed from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Hyaluronidase is a solution used to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers, and learning to administer this treatment should be a staple of every aspiring aesthetician’s education. During this course you will learn how hyaluronidase can be used to reverse the effects of filler in case of an adverse reaction, how to dilute and mix the substance, and much more.

5. Advanced Adverse Effects

The Advanced Adverse Effects course has been created for anybody working in the healthcare and aesthetics industry. It is a fully online course that will cover a wide range of possible adverse effects from aesthetic treatments and substances.

The Advanced Adverse Effects course is taught by a qualified medic and experienced aesthetic practitioner.

Drawing on real life case studies, you’ll discover a wide range of possible adverse effects that can occur during aesthetic treatments. From minor complications through to worrying, moderate, serious, and major – we’ll cover everything that could go wrong and show you how to deal with it.

The course will also teach you how often you can expect to see these complications whilst you treat your clients. From common, occasional, infrequent, rare and very rare you’ll be prepared to handle any situation.

6. Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Course

This is a combined practical and theory course designed for trained medics and aestheticians who want to expand their anti-wrinkle knowledge and treatments.

This course gives you all the knowledge and practical skills needed to perform anti-wrinkle treatments. You’ll boost your confidence in product knowledge and treatment areas, as well as injection techniques and live model practice.

The initial training is completed online from the comfort of your own workplace or home. During the online course you’ll cover a wide range of modules to give you an in-depth understanding of the subject. This will also focus on the anatomy and physiology of the face and skin.

This course will teach you how to assess the musculature structure and anatomy of the face to determine the individual treatment plan per client. This is an important skill to learn because every face is different; what works for one, may not work for another. You’ll learn the current trends and how to apply them in your treatments. As well as the reconstitution of toxins and how to adjust the toxin to suit feminine and masculine clients.

7. Advanced Dermal Filler – Cheek, Jaw & Chin

The advanced dermal filler course has been created for aesthetic practitioners who want to take their treatments to the next level. This course will focus on sculpting the cheek, jaw, and chin facial areas.

Our most popular advanced dermal filler course teaches you how to stand out in the crowd and deliver the latest on-trend treatments. Inspired by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez – cannula filler treatments are all the rage. They create amazing results for profiles as well as sleek, contoured jawlines.

8. Advanced Dermal Filler – Tear Trough & NS Rhino

This advanced dermal filler course has been created for aesthetic practitioners who want to focus on the tear trough area and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

During this advanced dermal filler course, students will learn how to deliver professional Tear Trough treatments using the cannula method. We prefer to teach this method as it holds several advantages over needles. It is more flexible and creates less bruising and swelling for the client.

Students will also learn how to deliver non-surgical Rhinoplasty treatments via needle. This technique allows us to carefully place small amounts of dermal fillers to contour areas of the nose. This gives a subtle yet enhanced look, and promises good results with minimal down time.

As always knowledge underpins the skills you need to deliver these treatments so you will start by completing online training modules from the comfort of your own workplace or home. These modules are designed to teach and test your understanding of the areas crucial to deliver advanced dermal fillers.

9. Advanced Anti-Wrinkle

The advanced anti-wrinkle course is designed for trained aestheticians and medical professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills in anti-wrinkle treatments.

Our advanced Anti-Wrinkle course expands on product knowledge, highlighting all the ways we can use the toxin in different treatments.

Students will become an expert practitioner after completing this advanced course. During the course you’ll be given the knowledge and practical skills needed to perform advanced anti-wrinkle treatments, focusing on the 13 key areas as listed below.

The initial online training can be completed from the comfort of your own workplace or home. The online material will teach and test your understanding on a range of modules and is designed to give you a detailed understanding of these advanced techniques.

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