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Cosmetic Couture Terms and Conditions

Cosmetic Couture
Model Terms & Conditions

Cosmetic Couture Training Academy are a Training centre and our first and upmost service is to our trainees.  By making an appointment to have a treatment at Cosmetic Couture, you are consenting to having a treatment performed by a trainee under the oversight of a trained aesthetic practitioner.  A thorough consultation will take place prior to your treatment and a complete medical history taken to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.

As a model for Cosmetic Couture Training Academy, you receive your treatment at a highly discounted cost in comparison to Aesthetic Practitioner prices. Our models aid in meeting the learning needs of our delegates and we uphold GMC Guidelines to the highest standards.

By having an aesthetic treatment as a model at Cosmetic Couture Training Academy you acknowledge that some adverse effects may occur, such as bruising and swelling. Refunds will not be issued for treatments you have had however if a correction is necessary following an unsatisfactory outcome, then this will be offered subject to our practitioner’s professional opinion. Please note if further product is added there may be a further cost.

Due to the nature of our academy, in some circumstances training dates/times need to be amended. This may result in your appointment being changed. If this happens, we endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and reschedule your appointment to a suitable date/time.

Our trainees require a certain number of models to meet their learning requirements and our model appointments book up quickly, therefore we require a £30 deposit (unless stated otherwise) to secure your booking. This deposit is non-refundable but can be used towards the final cost of your treatment.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so within 24 hours notice to ensure we can fill your appointment for our trainees.

As a model you agree not to bring litigation against Cosmetic Couture Training Academy for any reason, including injury caused directly or indirectly by yourself or another person on the course or on the premises. 

By being a model for Cosmetic Couture Training Academy, you agree that we and our delegates may take photos of you and that these photos may be used on our social media, advertising and other materials made available to the public.

Due to the clinical nature of our academy, children are not permitted on premises.

Cosmetic Couture
Course Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions
1.1 Within these terms and conditions there are various words which have specific meaning and reference towit: “we”, “our” and “us” all refer to Cosmetic Couture Ltd “you” & “your” refers to the client

2.1 Cosmetic Couture reserves the rights to decline or refuse admission to any or all of its training courses
2.2 Cosmetic Couture reserves the right to cancel or change the planned training courses with reference to dates, locations, and course content.
2.3 Any changes pursuant to clause 2.2 will be notified to you a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the planned time of the course. Changes made by us which mean you will not be able to attend the amended date or location or the content becomes non-relevant will entitle you to a full refund to any charges already paid to us.
2.4 Irrespective of circumstances Cosmetic Couture accepts no liability for any loss of earnings or expenses or other cost incurred by you.
2.5 All pre-study must be completed in order for you to attend your course

3.1 You may pay for your courses by the following methods: BANK TRANSFER CARD – VISA DEBIT OR MASTERCARD (please note there is a charge for using credit cards) CASH (Bring I.D. and proof of address)
3.2 A deposit payment of 50% of the full value of the course must be paid to secure your place on the course. A confirmation of your place will then be sent to you via email. Only when this is received is your place secured subject to clause 3.3 below.
3.3 Full and final payment must be made a minimum of 1 calender month of the advertised started date of the course. Failure to do so may result in your course place being forfeited.
3.4 The only exception to clause 3.2 is whereby you have signed a contract with (Get the Look Finance) to obtain finance in which case the full amount of the course is paid.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Cosmetic Couture LTD 2b Michigan Avenue Salford Quays Manchester M50 2GY or via email info@cosmetic-couture.co.uk
4.2 Cancellations made more than twice will result in an administration charge of £30. Refund of 90% within 90 days’ notice Refund of 60% within 60 days’ notice Refund of 30% within 30 days’ notice
4.3 Cancellations after 30 days will result in 100% of the course fees being charged.
4.4 Delegates may insure their fees against cancellation but this will not be provided by Cosmetic Couture.

5.1 All requests to amend your course booking date or time must be made in writing to Cosmetic Couture 2b Michigan Ave Salford Quays Manchester M50 2GY or via email info@cosmetic-couture.co.uk
5.2 All successful requests to change a date or time of a course booking will incur an administration cost of £30.
5.3 Cosmetic Couture cannot guarantee you a place on an alternative course date or time but will endeavour to find an alternative.
5.4 Should an alternative not be found Clause 4 (above) shall apply.

6.1 In confirming a training course with Cosmetic Couture you agree to us using any data you submit in order to process your order.
6.2 Any subsequent use of your data will be agreed between us via another agreement

7.1 Any and all complaints will be dealt with as quickly as possible via our complaints procedure policy lisa@cosmetic-couture.co.uk or by 01618323236 option 2 course coordinator.
7.2 Complaints not resolved by step one of the complaints procedure via a telephone conversation will need to be sent in writing by you to us.
7.3 Complaints received in writing by us will be acknowledged to you and will be dealt with through our internal complaints policy.

8.1 All students are to arrive to all courses with appropriate foot wear and suitable clinical clothing (scrubs, tunic etc.)
8.2 Hair must be kept up and tidy also nails must be kept at a Appropriate length.
8.3 When working in a professional environment we expect all students to behave in a professional manner to both staff and Models.