As skin ages it loses its elasticity, causing lines and wrinkles to develop. Although this is a natural part of ageing, it’s not something you have to live with. At Cosmetic Couture, we offer a wide range of anti-wrinkle treatments, targeting all common problem areas.

Prior to treatment, all clients will be given a full facial and neck assessment. The product we use is a neurotoxin, so it is very important to discuss the processes and the potential of the look you can achieve.  It usually takes around 7 – 14 days to see the full effects of each treatment, with results lasting up to 4 months.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are also available as live model practice for our students. Treatments on live models will be supervised by qualified aesthetic practitioners.

The anti-wrinkle treatments available at Cosmetic Couture are:

Lower Face Treatments Practitioner Model
Bunny Lines £40 £20
Lip Lines £40 £20
Marionettes £60 £30
Chin Dimple £60 £30
Jawline Contour £100 £80
Nefertiti Neck Lift £199 £149
Gummy Smile £50 £25
Nasal Tip Lift £40 £20
Flat Lip £20 £15
Top Up £40 £30


6 Areas £249 £169


Upper Face Treatments Practitioner Model
Crow’s Feet £100 £80
Frown Lines £120 £90
Forehead £100 £80
Top Up £45 £39


3 Areas £199 £149



Botox for Bruxism  £160 £110
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