Dermal fillers are used to combat the signs of ageing and to enhance the natural features of the face. Often used by both men and women, dermal fillers increase the volume and definition of the lips and cheeks and other areas of the face.

Our dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance within the body, found in the deep layers of the skin. One of the main functions of hyaluronic acid is to keep skin smooth and healthy by helping it retain water.

Some dermal filler results last from 6-12 months, while others can last for over 5 years. Discover the best-kept anti-ageing secret when you book a dermal filler treatment with Cosmetic Couture!

Dermal filler treatments are also available as live model practice for our students. Treatments on live models will be supervised by qualified aesthetic practitioners.

The dermal filler treatments available at Cosmetic Couture are:

Treatment Practitioner Model
Lip Enhancements from £199 per ml £99 per ml
Nasolabial Folds from £199 per ml £99 per ml
Marionettes from £199 per ml £99 per ml
Cheek Enhancements from £199 per ml £110 per ml
Chin Augmentation from £199 per ml £110 per ml
Jawline Contouring from £199 per ml £110 per ml
Temples Hollows from £199 per ml £110 per ml
Tear Troughs £249 per ml £169
Rhinoplasty £199 £99
Bootyful Buttock Enhancement

Cleavage Contouring

from £999

from £399

from £799

from £279

8-Point Lift from £499 from £249
Hand Rejuvenation £249 per ml £149
Hyaluronidase £80 £50
Lidocaine Injection £50 £25

 All Lip Enhancement prices include HD Lip, Doll Lip, BStung Pout and Russian Lip)

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