V.I.PEEL has been created to deliver the ultimate luxurious facial experience. Learn all the skills needed to deliver an hour-long treatment including the famous trade-marked MollyToxMeso and the unique V.I.PEEL Gold Mask. At the end of the course you’ll take away a branded starter-kit with enough product to do 40 treatments worth approx. £8000!!

This is a One Day Course

Course Components

  • Derma Prep
  • Milk Peel
  • MollyTox Meso
  • V.I.PEEL Gold Mask

The Cost of this Course is –  £2,000.00 inclusive of VAT


  • Enough product supplied to complete 10 MollyToxMeso treatments (1 boxes of 10 vials)
    • Mesotherapy Ranges
    • GLOW – Skin rejuvenating anti-pigmentation with intensive anti-wrinkle effect – also rehydrates the skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
    • REFRESH – Skin rejuvenating with intensive anti-wrinkle effect
    • TIGHT – Skin rejuvenating with intensive anti-wrinkle and lifting effect
    • HAIR ENERGY – Protects against hair loss and promotes hair growth
  • Plus:
    • 10 hydra needles
    • 10 Gold masks